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  • Snow removal
  • Commercial Landscaping
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Landscaping is more than just about your home's aesthetics, it's about your family's lifestyle. Royal Landscaping Inc. will work with you to make your home a place where you can do what you dream of, whether it's entertaining or just a relaxing getaway.

Royal Landscaping Inc. does all of its designs in house which allows us to make sure that any job we do we do it the way that is right for our customers. Our commitment to our customers is second to none which is why we focus on professional and quality service

We have 24/7 snow removal and salt plow for condominiums, apartment buildings and businesses. We also design and install interlocking, driveways, retaining walls, water features, ponds, and fountains. As well as build irrigation systems, decks and fences. Royal Landscaping Inc. also offers an extensive maintenance package for commercial and apartment buildings.

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Residential Services

Landscaping is about more than your home’s aesthetics; it represents your family’s lifestyle. Whether you want a relaxing sanctuary or a backyard fit for entertaining a crowd, Royal Landscaping Inc. will work with you to make your home everything you’ve dreamed of

Interlocking Paving

Add a more refined look to your property with interlocking stones. They can be added to a yard to make it more accessible and beautiful, or replace a simple asphalt driveway or concrete walkway for a more personalized look. Interlocking not only adds to the visual appeal of the property, but also increases the property value and helps prevent water damage by maintaining good drainage.

Retaining walls, walkways and steps can add structure and safety to your garden, and can save you time edging and sweeping by keeping the dirt where it belongs. Decorative walls can surround raised gardens, a beautiful feature for your backyard oasis.

Water Features

Turn your garden into an enchanting getaway with the addition of a fountain, pond or waterfall. Whether to keep fish, attract birds or enjoy unique water plants, we can provide a large selection of custom water features.

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